This is wht we call Green-House Effect

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Holiday Cheer Throughout the Year! , try Coupans

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hi Friends
While buying domain names at goDaddy , i always searched for free coupans on google . Coupans not only benefits us but also to this companies as it gets them customers . so while searching for free coupans , i came across this site called Coupan chief. A whole list of free which coupans available on online shopping networks . Where else can you find coupans for getting $350 Off on Inspiron desktop purchases over $999 . No matter , you want to buy shoes , electronic items or jewellary , this site has amazing deals for you . just try OverStock.com coupans , Blue Neals coupans or try theor gifts section , they have got great deals for you . There you could for example benefit from a snapfish coupon. Just go through these promo codes to know more .

Some additional information from CouponChief:
Coupon Chief is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coupon Chief, Inc. Here at Coupon Chief, we strive to provide a one stop coupon deal and discount resource for our Web site visitors. Our focus on customer support and providing up to date coupon codes and promotional deals and discounts is unparalleled in the online shopping e-commerce industry.

promo codes

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How to get free invitation to invite-only sites

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Many new and few of them good sites are invitation only . In past , there was only Gmail but now many other sites have followed the google path . We always keep on searching the net for free invitation for them . Can’t believe some one has opened a site totally dedicated to send invitation for this invite-only sites . Currently , it has invitations to pownce.com , joost.com , torrentleech.org , 8apps.com , demonoid.com and many others . It is just need basis site .

Go on , try it , you might get a invitation to a site you desire .

digg_url = ‘WEBSITE_URL’;

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Airtel introduces GPS based Navigation on Mobile Handsets

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Bharti Airtel announced the launch of GPS based Navigation Application on Mobile handsets in collaboration with Wayfinder Systems AB of Sweden. The application turns the compatible mobile phone into a complete GPS-based navigation system with detailed maps and Points-of-Interest of a number of cities in India. The navigation system provides all users with continuously updated, real-time content and geographical data via the wireless network using EDGE/GPRS. To start with, the application shall be available on BlackBerry 8800.

I am waiting if similar feature gets available on othes S60 series phones soon , i will not mind paying Rs.50 for demo trial atleast .

Read more at Airtel Site

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RSS Feed Reader

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It’s not that we’re not aware of developments in technology, latest tools and softwares, the problem is we don’t understand what tools can do for us or more appropriately what we can do with tools.

Those of you who don’t understand RSS and its underlying power click here or refer to my older post about it. In short RSS is a juggernaut which makes life easier, a hell lot easier for internet geeks like me. To utilize the capabilities of RSS, I use a Free Feed Reader called as i-Fetch, a handy and a powerful desktop RSS Reader. Manufactured by an Indian company, i-Fetch aggregates feeds from multiple websites in a friendly, intuitive GUI.


i-Fetch is a feature rich application and offers :

  • Offline Feed Reading
  • Channels and Channel groups
  • Archiving of articles
  • Filter options
  • Permanent


Give it a go Click here now

To read more about i-Fetch click here or search on google



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Add Google Widgets to your blog or websites

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Have you ever tried Google widgets on your blog. If not , try it . There are thousands of widgets to choose from . GTalk ,youtube , Horoscopes , Slideshow , there are thousands of them . Like this one :

and like this too

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wooff….these holidays

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15 down and still no smell of freedom . These vacation are really going down quite fast . Soon after my practical exams , i joined my NSIT Motorsports team at Maruti and since then i have been waking up at 6 in the morning which i never even imagined in my dreams . It is not that i haven’t seen sunrise but that happens only when i sleep at 6 in the morning . Maruti Training is going quite well . Check my friend Sid’s post to know what it feels to wake up at 6 for Maruti . Anyways , i also bought N73 these holidays . I have been saving money for this since last year . Check out this pic of autoriksaw which i clicked today . BTW , this autorikshaw is the most popular autorikshaw in delhi . The owner has named this auto as delux-auto . He offers you newspaper , cold water and fm radio . And all these at no extra charge . Infact , he charges according to meter only which is quite rare in delhi . He also offers 10% discount to senior citizens . Quite cool naa .

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A random post

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Hi , I am really sorry . I know the rubbish posts that i am writing these days are totally different to my blog theme . But i just wanted (better to say ‘want to’) tell you about the kind of ads that i am receiving these days (thanks to mginger ) .

Amity University has been ranked best in India for placements: Times of India. 2000 students placed in 2007. For callback sms career to 7575

Now , you can have quite a good idea on how good is the India Today’s and other’s rankings . If still you are not , you are not alone .

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