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This metro is really changing delhi people

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W re delhi , tujhe metro ne tehzeeb sikha hee di …. a usual scene at metro station , shastri park . People waiting for metro feeder buses and that too without anybody forcing them to go into line . [image copyrighted by the way , i wish i had a bettr camera . ]

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What kept me busy ?

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Hi frinends
Ok , so before you start thinking that this blog is dead Or this man only post sponsored posts .. i should tell you that you are wrong and i really apologize if you came to that conclusion . Well… i am back in blogging again . This winter vacations are going quite nice . I think , i can now call myself a professional PHP and ASP.NET developer . I did some very interesting work using PHP this winter whch i can’t tell you right now . And learnt ASP.NET while making . Our NSIT Motorsports team is out of its dormancy resumed work for Mini Baja 2008 under the leadership of Nikhil Dewan sir . Ohh…gosh… i also have to update the site . Anyways , i am in steering dppt. this year . My friends Sid and Raman did some amazing job in robotics and sid is surely going to surprise you with his robotics circuits in his blog . BTW if you have a passion for formula car , you should my friend Ankit’s blog , this guy is a champ . While half of my IT and COE friends are learning Linux , i am still not convinced to use it . No one is able to tell me any satisfy other than saying that it’s free . And half of my MPAE (manufacturing and automation engg. ) is doing a same project under PRK sir . And now i am sitting idle . Hehe… few of my class mates daily keep a eye on my internet profiles just to check what i am doing so that they can too take advantage of any oppurtunity … bada competitive jamaana hain . Hmm…what else is left about me… hmmm.. yeah… oh sorry .. cant tell .. thoda personal hain . Yeah.. we went to agra this winter .. seriously Bill Clinton rightly said “Taj is 10% history and 90% feelings.” . And by the way , if you are a web developer , you may come back for few scripts written by me (if my laziness permits it) . You can atleast see my code for currency convertor class both in PHP and C# . Chalo bbye .

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Open For Link Exchange

Posted on December 3, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life |

Hi Fellow Bloggers
Just wanted to tell you that , i am now open for link exchange . In the past , i have ignored many good offers but now i am ready for those . Just mail me your blog/site link on .

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Back again

Posted on September 22, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life |

Hi friends

Its really a long time when i last blogged . It was really a tough month . But excited one too .

Our got launched on which i have worked . Our whole team did a wonderful job on it , we received good response from whole college

Our site iMom too lgot aunched and thats not all , we even got featured on NDTV and also on many ePress sites like Alootechie

Me , Sid and Raman are making a robot for our annual tech fest innovision .

I had my mid-sems exams , and as you can very well guess , they were horrible . I hate electronics especially when things we are being tought are not at all related to our core study and not going to help us in any way .

I cleaned my computer today , deleted more than 90 GB. Now everything is in perfect order .

I wasted Rs.1100 on an online game , the result will declared on 29th , and i will be really kicking myself if i don’t win that game . BTW , it wasn’t my parents money , so i didn’t told them

My attendance this semester is very very good in comparison to last year , my notes were almost complete 🙂

Now , i am going to develop a small website for a competition , sHHh.. a secret right now . Will reveal if i am able to make it .

My cousin’s marriage is next week , will be busy in that .

Got Creative 2.1 woofer speakers , my neighbors are crying since then .

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Its Hard To Follow

Posted on August 20, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life |

Hi Friends
Sorry buddies for not blogging all these days because of my some personal commitment . I have promised myself to make a todo list everyday and with all priorities perfectly planned . And it sucks but i am not even able to complete the 4th thing on my to-do list , blogging is usually on 7th . If any avid blogger is reading this , please give me some tips on time-management , i really need them .

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Open Source Camp , New Delhi , September’ 07

Posted on August 2, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life, Tech-News |

Hi Friends

A series of OpenSource Camp are being organized in New Delhi on 8th and 9th september . These camps will have intense discussions, presentations, and interactions with the participant over many popular open souce softwares like Joomla, MySQL , Drupal , Pthyon , Apache . , Ruby On Rails , etc .

Visit this Link for more details :

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100th Post and A Promise

Posted on August 2, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life |

Hi Friends
Sorry for my long absence . It is really encouraging that people are still visiting my blog even when i am not posting . With this 100th post , i promise to make atleast 1 post per day . So from now onwards , be ready to read my blog daily .

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Its time , take a stand :: India Poised

Posted on June 5, 2007. Filed under: Cool Videos, My Views / Life |

Times Of India had started a all-India 6 week campaign called India Poised for India’s christening of 2007 as the ‘Year of India’ with Amitabh Bachchan as their brand ambassador in early january . The group that they were trying to make revolved around same old problems of India but here they did not only ask you to point out problems but also to suggest solutions .

We all know what are the problems of India . We see them everyday . Whether it is the long traffic jams Or daily 6 hours power cuts . Whether it is the huge amount of bribe that is paid to get tax returns early OR the fear that forces us to not allow our daughter or sisters to step outside home after 10 . We know what are the problems , now it is the time to find solutions for those .

If you have a passion to do something for your country , you should join this campaign . I don;’ know if they are still continuing this campaign . But you don’t need Times of India for doing something good for your country .

I know , it is quite a old news item , but i just came across this campaign and was feeling something that forced me to write on this . India Poised might be dead , but the flame must continue to enlighten us , youths of india .

Check below , a inspiring speech by Amitabh Bachchan .


There are two Indians in this country.

One India is straining at the leash, eager to spring forth and live up to all the adjectives that the world has been showering recently upon us.

The other India is the leash.

One India says, give me a chance and I’ll prove myself .The other India says prove yourself first and maybe then you’ll have a chance.

One India lives in the optimism of our hearts. The other India lurks in the skepticism of our minds.

One India Wants. The Other India Hopes.

One India Leads .The Other India Follows.

But conversions are on the rise .With each passing day more and more people from the other India have been coming over to this side.

And quietly while the world is not looking, a pulsating, dynamic new India is emerging.

An India whose faith in success is far greater than its fear of failure.

An India that no longer boycotts foreign-made goods but buys out the companies that makes them instead.

History, they say, is a bad motorist .it rarely ever signals its intentions when it is taking a turn.

This is that rarely ever moment. History is turning a page.

For more than half a century ,our nation has sprung, stumbled ,run , fallen ,rolled over ,got up ,dusted herself and cantered ,sometimes lurched on .

But today as we begin our 60th year as a free nation, the ride has brought us to the edge of times great precipice.

And one India – a tiny little voice at the back of the head – is looking down at the bottom of the ravine and hesitating.

The other India is looking up at the sky and saying, its time to fly…

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Taking a short break from Blogging

Posted on June 2, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life |

Sorry friends . I will be again going for a short break from blogging . I have exams on this monday and tuesday . After that , i am going to make some interesting posts . By the way , i passed my first sems exams . Although , my marks are not good , but anyways i passed . Bye 4 now . And happy summer holidays ( if you are lucky to have those ) .

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Gonna relaunch soon

Posted on May 24, 2007. Filed under: My Views / Life |

Hey guys , sorry for my so looong absense , i had my exams . Anyways , i am free now and working on multiple things . And rebuilding blog is on the priority . i wish to buy some hosting space for blog but till then i will keep on posting here and before i start posting , i am going to make some very good changes . What changes , this is a surprise . you will see the difference soon .

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