Review : Sharukh version of KBC , So So !!!

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SO here is it . KBC is back and this time with whole new avatar with ‘baadshah of BollywoodSharukh Khan . So the show started with a dashing cool rap song . The song theme was same as the show’s theme , ek sawaal . Lots of unanswered funny questions here and there . I liked ‘main rupa ki baniyan pehnoonga to rupa kya pehnegi‘ , and hey nice girl they showed 😉 . Ok now coming back on decency . There was hee , in a black suit standing tall on a place which has been copyrighted by Big B , and hey with tie above shirt , like a gentle man , not Don.

And hey his much-talked about preparation didnt went waste . He prepared his lines quite well with no stoppage in his shudhhindi lines . He he , it felt , he was teasing BigB . Now Prasenjit Sarkar was the first contestant of the new season of KBC which is hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. Interestingly, Prasenjit was also the last contestant of KBC 2 which was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. But now seriously , i felt quite bored in next 25 mins . Same feeling was felt in whole KBC2 Session . But anyways , he was improving minute by minute , with his own distinguished sense of humor . The real fun started with the second contestant . The funny guy teased him by preferring John Moorey to him . Back to his old glory . Anyway , the package on a whole was quite good . Sharukh disappointed a bit but i am sure he will improve .

By the way , i am waiting for the biggest episode of this show when Sharukh and Amitabh Bachchan will turn the table

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T.sonic™ 530 — a knock out for Ipod

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I didnt needed a mp3 player as i was always happy with my Ngage (classic not QD) MP3 feature (and still i am) . An awesome piece of work , i really wonder how people can ignore tons of its features just because of it size. Anyway , here i am writing my views on this Tsonic mp3 player. My father bought this for himself although most of the time it happens to be with me 😉 . On first look , it looks quite impressive because of its tiny size, just 51mm x 26mm x 19mm and weighing 22g (with battery). If i would have been a girl , i would have described its looks as a single word ‘CUTE’ . It supports MP3 , WMA (No DRM support) and WAV . With one button recording feature , you can use it for spying 😉 . OK OK i know micro sized cameras are also available. It also has a FM facility but i hardly use it , reason: bad FM receptor. It really sucks. Now when it comes to sound quality , it is just awesome . You will surely forget all those ipod so-called sound engineering. Battery is also good , in my one month usage i charged it only 3-4 times.


  • Good Sound Quality
  • Cheap — 1gb model available as low as 54$ in US market . In india , it is available at Rs 3400 with 2 years warranty.
  • Handy recording facility
  • FM
  • OLED Screen — much better than LCD screen
  • Can be used as a USB Memory Stick
  • Good battery life
  • Small size
  • Has almost all the facilities which one can expect
  • Bad FM receptor
  • Dont support protected MP3s , a feature which one cant miss in western countries if one wants to play legal MP3s
  • Toy like buttons
  • Dont sort mp3s according to artist names, favorites,etc
  • Attached ear phones ould have been better
  • Can be charged only by usb cable. Although cheap USB charger are available easily costing 75 INR
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