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Need Some Urgent Cash – Consult this One

Posted on December 2, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

Hi Friends
How many times it has happened to you that , you want some urgent Cash and for that you even sold your favorites belongings at price less than their worth . Now this site just needs you to fill an form mentioning few things so that it can know if passes min criteria which is

All online payday loans require applicants to meet minimum criteria in order to successfully complete the application.

These minimum requirement usually consist of:

  • Being Employed for at least 3 consecutive months.
  • Earning at least $1,000 per month in income.
  • Having a valid checking account open for at least 3 month

Then it connects you with other sites which are ready to give a short term loan . You may try this site if you like .

payday loans

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Love your car ? Check This

Posted on November 19, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

How far can you to show love for your car . You paint it with best protective layer to avoid UV rays . You take for servicing every month . Always choose the best fuel , oil , etc . So , what about it stays , the garage . I am sure , you would like it to be best too . For giving you the best floor tile available for garage , here is THE CAR GUY GARAGE . You can choose or even make any kind of pattern that you can imagine and give you garage a whole new look . Even if you are satisfied with your current floor tiles , you might want to protect it with their epoxy based coating .

garage flooring

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Want to setup your own online store ?

Posted on November 19, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

Hi friends
I remember , how my cousin desperately tried to persuade me to make his website for online gems store . Although , with my newly equipped knowledge of web-coding , i was confident that i can make him one but still had to refuse him because of time constraint , even when he was ready to pay me 40K . One of the thing that i expected will eat my head was to setup money transaction system . i just found out today , how easily i could have done that using an Shopping cart software . Using this amazing ecommerce software , one can easily setup a online store without knowing any webdesigning at all . It allows your customer to use any kind of credit card . If you are in search of any such software , you must try this .

ecommerce software

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Do you love casinos ?

Posted on November 10, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

Hi Friends
I was really surprised while reading an article on how people lose thousands of dollars on online gaming sites . This rate is even higher on sites which involves real money like online casinos sites . While stumbling , i came across this site which to be a perfect guide for online players to play at safe online casinos sites . It offers reviews of such sites with minute details like how much is tha pay-out of that site , what can be the max. bonus available . So if you are one of those , who loves play real money on net , trust on this site .

top online sportsbook

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PPP , The best way to earn money by blogging

Posted on August 3, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

Why do we blog? To express ourselves, share our knowledge. But what if we even earn money by this . Isn’t this just cool. I am a member of payperpost for last few months and I have earned quite a lot, although not as much as other avid bloggers . This is a first time that I have earned something. I was so happy when I received my first payment in my PayPal account . I spent those paypal money on online shopping on eBay . The best thing about payperpost is that you will surely get money . The surety of return-on-work is there . And you can easily earn from 5$ to as high as 125$ on just posting a single post . You can also join their affiliates programs . Now , I am planning to post atleast one post per week . Just aiming to earn my iPod . By the way , my sincere advice to fellow bloggers , never write a blog just to earn money , this thing is a additional profit other than the love of your regular readers . Just log on and see what more option you have . Happy blogging and happy earning .

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Bid4Prizes : Lowest Price will will take away the Prize

Posted on June 1, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

Games are fun . I love playing online games , you don’t need to buy them . With so many gaming site on net , it is a fun to surf net . But when this fun even pays you , it’s simply awesome . Bid4Prizes is one such site in which you just have play to get that lowest bid and if you that you win that prize . From BMW to Sony VAIO UX230P , you can bid on any thing . The process is very simple , just logon to Bid4Prize and click on the product on which you to place bid . As an example you want to bid $4.55 on the Plasma TV, so enter your cell number in the phone field and your bid, 455 in the bid field. Last click bid now and bid4prizes will send you a text message telling you whether or not you have the lowest unique bid. You can also bid from mobile . The best is that you don’t have to pay anything if you win except taxes . Not even shipping charges .

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PPP Direct – another new from Pay Per Post

Posted on May 27, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

Hmmm…. You may think i am wrong in saying that it is a new thing from PPP but actually i am not . The concept may be same as that of ReviewMe but the terms and conditions that PPP Direct has makes it far publisher friendly than ReviewMe and others . Where ReviewMe and others charges 50-60% of your profits , PPP Direct charges only 10 % in which 5% are for paypal transaction . By the way , PPP or Pay Per Post is a great tool to get paid to blog . Security is an another feature which takes PPP Direct far ahead . How can you be guaranteed that the post you have written for advertisers will pay you . PPP Direct provides a level of security to both parties and you can work without any worries . PPP Direct is also quite easy to use , advertisers don’t need to go painful process of paypal , they just have to click on the badge and pay via their credit card . More easy it is for advertisers , more chances will be there for you to receive work and thus more money . PPP Direct too make its every best effort to make you reach advertisers . So if you are a quality blogger , be ready to receive lots of advertising offers in you mail . And yeah , you don’t need to worry about the tax system as fas payment from PPP Direct is concerned , Every PPP Direct offer is accounted for in your year end tax statement from PPP. You can check out the details of the offer here >>Link<< . You can also see a video to know it better . If you want to how the badge will look , you can see it in action here .

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Outsource your book-keeping headaches

Posted on May 9, 2007. Filed under: Sponsored Posts |

When you start a small company with just handful no. of employees , you like to do most of the things yourself . From attending calls to sending couriers . And all sorts of small jobs which we often leave to peons . Things like this can be left on people who are not much educated . But few things are so imp that you can’t afford to leave them on unqualified people and you can’t even ignore those things . One of them is book-keeping . Filing taxes , maintaining accounts , woofff…. . You can’t do every thing , your focus is extremely important for the success of your company .

So when it comes to outsourcing your book-keeping headaches , the cost and efficiency matters most . And in both criteria AccountingParadise.com are one of the most trusted players in the market who provide quickbooks help . With the starting range of 50$ per month , they are one of the cheapest too . All of their employees are those who do book-keeping everyday for their living . And unlike other big-players , these people don’t have any long term contracts so you can leave them if you are not satisfied . And you must hurryup as right now they are offering discount to new customers . For more information , please go to their website

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