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Add rating to your blog posts – like me :)

Posted on November 22, 2007. Filed under: Tips-Tricks (websites) |

Hi Friends
From today , you can also rate my posts . add this is done with a new widget called outBrain .

he outbrain widget is free and is very simple to add to your Blogger, TypePad or WordPress (hosted) blogs. After adding the widget, we will automatically insert a beautiful 5-star rating widget to the bottom of every post you publish:

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How to view mobile sites on firefox

Posted on August 7, 2007. Filed under: Tips-Tricks (websites) |

I was trying to see how Gmail and other application’s mobile version looks . As i have a very expensive GPRS so i didnt wanted to access those sites using it . So while searching for its solution , i came across this . This wonderful plugin allows you to access mobile sites easily in Firefox itself . So you dont need to install any extra bit of software or some WML Browser .

Go ahead give it a try Firefox Plugin


Some of the sites that you will like to visit are (on your phone ) :

  • TagTag.Com
  • for gmail, picasa web , google calender , google news , etc.
  • for Yahoo One Search , news , mail , messanger . local , etc.

I am using my AirTel Live for accessing Yahoo Mail Rs.30 per month . I can also visit other sites but then they cost 15 paise (1Rs=100paise) per 10 kb which is quite expensive . And even then i can’t acces Gmail , Airtel people have blocked that site . Tell me if it can be used to file case on them under consumer court . X-(

Posting the link again
Go ahead give it a try
Firefox Plugin

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Quick Tips For Safe Banking / Buying On Internet

Posted on August 2, 2007. Filed under: Tips-Tricks (websites) |

Techies please skip this post


Hi Friends

Very recently , One of my uncle lost over Rs.5,000 in a internet fraud , it’s really sad that people ignore even small small precautions while dealing with money on net . Buying,selling and even banking is extremely safe on internet unless and untill you keep few tips in mind . So , i am now sharing few quick tips on safe internet banking or buying or any kind of money exchange Plus few general tips to save yourself from internet credit card thieves .

  1. Never ever use your credit card in public cyber cafes .
  2. Don’t share your credit card number with one .
  3. Whenever you buy anything from anywhere with your credit card please let the credit card processing happen in front of your eyes only . The person may note your credit card no. and use it for internet shopping .
  4. Avoid using your credit card on not-so-popular sites .
  5. Whenever you decide to use credit card on site , just check if there is any ‘Lock’ symbol on your address bar of your browser or at bottom-right corner .
  6. Never click on any link in mails that clams to be are from ebay,paypal or some bank . If the mail asks to for some clarification . Go to your account on that site but by typing that site’s web address yourself , not by clicking on the link given in the mail .
  7. Please always bear in mind that any legal banking site never asks your personal information on email .
  8. Be careful from mails that says that they need some help from you to encash some family’s property and they will share its part with you , on your financial help . They are 99.99% fake mails . But yeah , you can always talk to them if you want to have some fun . Once i carried on similar mail exchange with an nigerian girl for more than a month . I wish i would have saved that mails , it would have been excellent post for blog .
  9. And avoid using paying in advance to unknown shops unless there is some guarntee .
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How to access Blocked / Banned Sites

Posted on August 2, 2007. Filed under: Tips-Tricks (websites) |

Is Orkut banned in your college . Or you are missing MySpace in your office . Or you are feeling frustrated when your country bans blogger in your country . Here is orkutproxy for you . This is one of the best sites that i have come across for accessing the sites are banned/blocked from your ISP . I haven’t tested if it works everywhere and on everysite . But surely works on many .

Go ahead , give it a try orkutproxy

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Make your own amazing games and send it to your friends

Posted on May 30, 2007. Filed under: Featured Websites, Tips-Tricks (websites) |

Before i say anything , just play this game .

Cool na , and even cooler is the fact that you can too make your own like this on . There are 6 games available that you can make out of any pic . And you can post this games on blogger , myspace , friendster …infact anywhere where you can post embedded flash files like youtube videos . C’mon , you can make one for yourself today .

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Make a Contact Form For your blog

Posted on May 30, 2007. Filed under: Featured Websites, Tips-Tricks (websites) |

I wanted to make my blogspot blog as customizable as i want . One thing was surely missing , a contact form . Infact any kind of form . Just today , i have discovered a solution to this problem and it’s name is FormLogix

FormLogix is an online form builder tool for creating web databases and web forms.
Our forms may be embedded in your website, blog, or may be used internally.
Forget all you know about databases and forms creation – our form builder
is a WYSIWYG tool and it requires zero coding skills. It enables a user to easily create web forms and web databases such as:Contact us forms, Feedback forms, Events registration forms, Surveys, online Polls, Order forms, Invitations, CRM…
oh, yes…it’s free of charge

To see a sample you can visit my contact form

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How to download free music from music radio sites and even youtube

Posted on May 27, 2007. Filed under: Tips-Tricks (websites) |

Hi friends
There are many many websites available for listening music like , and many many more . They have something in common , their music player are built in flash and whenever their is some flash involved . The music is being loaded from a file which is first loaded in that flash player . With a simple FireFox plugin , you can download any such source file which can be a mp3 file or a fla file which is used by youtube , and similar sites . Download plugin here ->Link<-

I tried this on

Warning: Downloading mp3 like this is illegal under US Laws and although i tried downloading mp3 songs like this , i didn’t (oh really !)

–> Ok , i tried this song

–> See , as soon as the file is being loaded and being played also , the DownloadHelper plugin automatically starts dancing indicating a download supported file .

–>clicking on this icon , showsthe list of files which can be download

So , now the file is being downloaded (hey , this is not my comp ok , so copywrite people stay away from me ) , BTW you can even see the actual file location of file which is usually hidden by us .

This hack is possible in every site that uses flash files and embedded files .

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How to write in hindi ( हिंदी ) anywhere including orkut & yahoo mess.

Posted on May 27, 2007. Filed under: orkut, Tips-Tricks (Softwares), Tips-Tricks (websites) |

Devendra Parekh have made an excellent tool to write in hindi anywhere in all applications that support Unicode – including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Microsoft Office,, Notepad, Explorer, Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows/MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger (7 and above), Web Based Email (Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail etc.). The program uses the popular iTrans scheme of transliteration. . It now have a spell check and auto word-lookup too .

To download HindiWriter, click here

A quick-start guide to HindiWriter is also available here

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