GMail Drive : Use Gmail as your own private harddisk —- TFD#2

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Hi friends ,
This time i am just copy and pasting this article from some website . So please do not leave any comments here .

Website link :

GMail Drive is a Shell Namespace Extension that creates a virtual filesystem around your Google Gmail account, allowing you to use Gmail as a storage medium.

GMail Drive creates a virtual filesystem on top of your Google Gmail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your Gmail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. GMail Drive literally adds a new drive to your computer under the My Computer folder, where you can create new folders, copy and drag’n’drop files to.

Ever since Google started to offer users a Gmail e-mail account, which includes storage space of 2000 megabytes, you have had plenty of storage space but not a lot to fill it up with. With GMail Drive you can easily copy files to your Gmail account and retrieve them again.
When you create a new file using GMail Drive, it generates an e-mail and posts it to your account. The e-mail appears in your normal Inbox folder, and the file is attached as an e-mail attachment. GMail Drive periodically checks your mail account (using the Gmail search function) to see if new files have arrived and to rebuild the directory structures. But basically GMail Drive acts as any other hard-drive installed on your computer.
You can copy files to and from the GMail Drive folder simply by using drag’n’drop like you’re used to with the normal Explorer folders.

Because the Gmail files will clutter up your Inbox folder, you may wish to create a filter in Gmail to automatically move the files (prefixed with the GMAILFS letters in the subject) to your archived mail folder.

Please note that GMail Drive is still an experimental tool. There’s still a number of limitations of the file-system (such as total filename size must be less than 65 characters). Since the tool hooks up with the free Gmail Service provided by Google, changes in the Gmail system may break the tool’s ability to function. I cannot guarantee that files stored in this manner will be accessible in the future.

Installation Requirements

Installation Guide

  • Extract the ZIP file to a temporary folder.
  • Run the Setup application.

Useful Links

Download Files This software is free!

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Gmail for your domain , simple steps to make your —- TFD#1

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Hi Friends

The no. of daily unique visitors are goin up day by day now , this is really very inspiring . I hope you enjoyed my previous posts . If u enjoyed and even if u didn’t please let me know your comments and suggestions .

Now back to the main topic . This article is for dummies. And dummies doesn’t mean fools . Making your own personalized email addressee is as easy opening a gmail account if you know the correct way .

Just follow these simple steps :

  1. Ok first you have to buy a domain. If possible buy from a local source , don’t go for big players . If don’t know anybody you can go for , they offer reasonably cheap domains . You can buy .info for 1$ . I recently bought one from a delhi(new friends colony) based firm for Rs.349/. You can contact me for details . You will receive your host settings where you can change the name servers . BTW you can also buy domain from google at 10$.
  2. Now you have to point your name server to some dns control . You can try . It is a good one. If you also have host ready to put your site up , you can point your name servers to it . In opendns case : your name server should and . Open an account there and add your site to it . This takes around 10-30 hours to setup completely .
  3. Now , go to , open an account , add your website . You need to verify that you are the owner of that domain . For this you have 2 option :

i) change your domain cname setting according to google one (google will tell you about the settings to implement )

ii) If you are also hosting your website on some host service. You just need to add a html file for it . Google will tell you the specifications. This will be done at once while first option take some time .

  1. Now you just need to change your MX settings (which actually point to you mail server) according to google ones .
  2. All done , now just activate your mail feature and start using your new email domain like , not

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